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Addis FortuneEthiopia

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All Africa EthiopiaEthiopia
  • Deepening Drought Hits Herders As Millions Go Hungry
  • Ethiopian Premier Meets VP
  • Sudanese and Ethiopian Ministers of Information Discuss Aspects of Joint Cooperation in Media
  • Desalgen - Sudanese-Ethiopian Relations Distinguished and Deeply Rooted
  • Al-Basher - Sudan and Ethiopia Share Identical Viewpoints
  • Ethiopia Prime Minister Delivers a Lecture On Horn of Africa - Possibility of an Economic Community
  • Prof. Ghandour Meets Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • President of Republic, Ethiopia Prime Minister Visit Bash Pharma Pharmaceuticals and Dal Farms
  • Ghandour Emphasizes Sudanese-Ethiopian Relations a Model
  • Nile River Should Benefit All Parties
Ethiopia ObserverEthiopia
    • Qwanqwa new album! Pre-order to support the project and the band’s trip to Womex festival
    • Drought hits Ethiopia, claims 2m animals
    • Muktar Edris wins men’s 5,000m gold for Ethiopia
    • Protected: Opaque ties and jointly owned hotels between businessmen and high-level politicians
    • Tourism pioneer Habteselassie Tafesse passes away
    • Ethiopia urges the US and western nation to lift travel advisories
    • Kenya’s Geoffrey Kirui wins men’s marathon
    • Almaz delivers punishing kick in 10,000-meter race
    • State finance minister arrested on corruption charges
    • Remembering Tesfaye Sahlu, children’s television programme icon
Ethiopian ReviewEthiopia
    • አምስት ሰዓት ወይስ ሃያ አምስት ሰዓት የሚፈጅ መንገድ ይሻላል ? #ግርማ_ካሳ
    • አፋን ኦሮሞ በአዲስ አበባ #ግርማ_ካሳ
    • “ሾህን በሾህ” በሚል የተሳሳተ መሪህ የተቋቋመው የሱማሌ ልዩ ፓሊስ(ልዩ ወታደራዊ ኃይል) ኢትዮጵያን ከማፍረሱ በፊት መፍረስ አለበት!
    • “የሐሰተኛ ምስክርነት”መሰማት ሂደት ተለዋጭ ቀጠሮ ተሰጥቶት ፍ/ቤቱ ለእረፍት ዝግ ሆነ !
    • ፍልሚያ / በፊፋ የአለም ኮከብ ተጫዋች ምርጫ ዘንድሮም ክርስቲያኖ ሮናልዶና ሊዮኔል ሜሲ የሚፋጠጡ ይሆናል
    • በጦላይና በባሪ የዐማሮችን ቤት ማቃጠሉ ለጊዜው ቆሟል
    • በወልድያ ተቃውሞ መቀስቀሱ ተሰማ
    • የእነ አቶ በቀለ ገርባ መከላከያ የመስማት ሂደት አቃቤ ህጉ እርቦኛል በማለቱ ምክንያት ተቋርጧል።
    • አጽማቸው የፈለሰው መላከ ብርሃን አድማሱ ጀንበሬ ማናቸው?
    • በጦላይ የዐማራ ተወላጆች ቤት ለአራተኛ ቀን እየተቃጠለ ነው፤ የበርካታ ሰዎች ሕይወትም ጠፍቷል
The Reporter EthiopiaEthiopia
  • “The father of tourism” – Hapteselassie Tafesse
  • Court freezes asset in connection to corruption case
  • New aviation group eyes Hilton, Ghion Hotels
  • Corbetti Geothermal to take off
  • A plethora of issues beset transit project
  • CETU expresses concern over draft bill
  • Sekota Mining submits 1.2 billion birr loan application to DBE
  • Horticulture investors to enjoy favorable loan conditions
  • Local firm acquires Silica mining concession
  • Agency collects record revenue

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