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Addis FortuneEthiopia
  • At Last!
  • Change of Guard at TIRET
  • NBE Tells CBE to Stay Away from Project Finance
  • Corporation to Supply 750 Public Buses
  • Authority Tells Sheger to Close Space on Yugovia Club
  • Solar Importers Face New DBE Terms
  • Donkey Abattoir Still in Business Despite Ban
  • Hilton Addis Labourers Seek Intrusion from Board and Confederation
  • OPDO Office Appoints Former Minister as Head
  • Awash Insurance Sees High Auction Offers
Capital EthiopiaEthiopia
    • The G20’s Time for Climate Leadership
    • Technology Bytes ICT’s challenge in Ethiopia
    • Addis Ababa: When Name and Reality Don’t Match Up
    • CBE freezes all private project loans
    • New policy to reform coffee trade
    • Doraleh Port opens for business
    • PM agrees to bi-annual meeting with cement producers
    • Tech and innovation challenge for girls launched in Ethiopia
    • Five bars closed for Shisha Sales
All Africa EthiopiaEthiopia
  • Uganda's Museveni in Bahir Dar for Security Forum On Natural Resources
  • Africa Security Forum Opens in Ethiopia, Natural Resources Tops Agenda
  • What Does the Govt Have to Hide?
  • Cities Forum Said Integral Part of Sustainable Urbanization
  • Oromia, Somali States Sign Agreement to End Border Hostilities
  • Ethiopia's Progress in Human Development
  • Premier's Responses On Current National, Regional Issues
  • An Antidote of Dependency, Xenophobia
  • Community Benefits From Drip Irrigation and Mobile Chicken Coops
  • Ethiopia Introduces Latest Airbus A350 to Abuja Route
Ethiopia ObserverEthiopia
    • Pirate attacks rising off East Africa, Pentagon and shipping records show
    • In his own words: Ambassador Ahadou Sabouré (Part III)
    • Egypt to establish military base in Eritrea: Sudan Tribune
    • My life in Diplomacy: Ahadou Sabouré
    • Our Adventure in Dire Dawa
    • Movenpick signs first hotel in Ethiopia for 2019
    • Rights group slams opposition arrests in Djibouti
    • Qatar and Ethiopia warming relations
    • When Jagama Kello defied the Emperor
    • Ethiopian patriot and war hero General Jagama Kello passed away
Ethiopian ReviewEthiopia
    • የናፈቀን የለውጥ ስራ እንጂ የፖለቲካ ሴራ አይደለም።
    • ያሽቆለቆለው የትምህርት ጥራት የት ያደርሰን ይሆን? ( ያለው አክሊሉ )
    • “የሀገሬ ሀገሯ የት ነው?” (ከዳግላስ ጴጥሮስ)
    • አቶ አሰፋ ጫቦ አረፈ ። ነብስ ይማር ።
    • የ”ኢትዮጵያ ሰብአዊ መብት ኮሚሽን” በገዥው ቡድን የተቋቋመና ተአማኒነት የሌለው ተቋም በመሆኑ ያቀረበው ሪፖርትም ተቀባይነት የለውም፡፡
    • የገርማሞ ልጅ ተገርሞ ሊያስገርመን? ( ደመቀ ከበደ – ማንኩሳ – ጎጃም )
    • ኬንያውያኑ በሴቶችም በወንዶችም የለንደንን ማራቶን አሸነፉ።
    • አቶ ለማ ተናገሩ ግን ….- #ግርማ_ካሳ
    • ከሐብታሙ አያሌው የበለጠ የሚያስገርም ታሪክ-ከ4,000 (4ሺህ) ጥይት ተኩስ የተረፉት አስተደናቂው ፕሮፌሰር ጌታቸው ኃይሌ
    • የቀድሞ የሰማያዊ ፓርቲ አባል አቶ ጥላሁን አበጀን ጨምሮ 77 ተከሳሾች ፍርድ ቤት ቀረቡ!!!
The Reporter EthiopiaEthiopia

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