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Guayana ChronicleGuayana
    • New Demerara River Bridge to commence construction in 2018
    • GNBA backs broadcast bill
    • Prison director vows to bring down corrupt officers
    • Illegal aircraft found in Rupununi flown to CJIA
    • No secrecy in oil sector
    • Home alone man perishes in house fire
    • UK companies express interest in investing here
    • Prison officer stabbed by inmate 
    • West Berbice farm worker dies four days after being hit by speeding car
    • Regional water management strategy being crafted
  • GPL’s Parika centre robbed by armed bandits
  • Temporary arrivals terminal at CJIA
  • Guyana Amazon Warriors v Jamaica Tallawahs Match in Photos
  • T&T tourism development company dissolved, 111 lose jobs
  • WPA expresses concern over garbage arrangements
  • UK hoped for more progress on constitutional reform – Quinn
  • West Coast Berbice man dies after reportedly setting house afire
  • Miner charged with fatal Potaro Backdam beating
  • Court action filed over Granger directive to Police Service Commission
  • UK security expert to address prison system in reform plan, envoy says
Carribean NewsGuayana
  • UPDATE: Tropical Storm Harvey forms, warnings issued
  • Three fired at Bahamas utility after audit report into $2 million theft
  • Trinidad and Tobago disputes UK 'terrorism' travel advisory
  • CARICOM secretary-general asks Sweden for help on blacklisting issue
  • USAID/UNDP hosts regional workshop for citizen security
  • Asset management firm agrees to produce files of US taxpayers with offshore accounts
  • Why is the biggest sugar mill in Western Cuba economically and environmentally inefficient?
  • Caribbean residents eye half-billion-dollar Powerball jackpot
  • Commentary: White supremacy: the tragedy and folly of Charlottesville
  • Commentary: Lessons from India's partition and Charlottesville's strife
Guayana PressGuayana
  • Kidnapped Driver Released Alive By Prison Escapees, Covered In Mud With Strange Story
  • Camp Street Prison Escapees Might Still Have A Hostage, Kidnapped Driver Matthew Shivtahal
  • Bartica Massacre Detainee Is Alleged Mastermind Behind Prison Fire, Currently On The Run
  • Guyanese Fugitive Marcus Bisram Denied Bail By US Court
  • Prison Officers Shot and Held Hostage In Camp Street Prison Break and Fire, 16 Confirmed Dead – EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!
  • Sookram Gets 2-6 Years For Hit-and-Run Killing of Guyanese in Queens, New York
  • Over 100 Guyanese Pastors Sign Letter To Donald Trump To Stop Promoting Gay Rights In The Caribbean
  • Guyanese Found Dead With Hands Tied Behind Back In Trinidad and Tobago
  • Businessman Explains In New Video Why He Destroyed Parking Meter Clamp With Sledgehammer , Is He Justified?
  • Guyana’s Oil Find Equivalent To US$200 Billion Thus Far Resulting US$250, 000 Per Citizen, Exxon Wants To Start Drill ASAP
Guayana TimesGuayana
  • 1 killed, another surrenders
  • Millions sought for Procurement Commission
  • GBCHA to strengthen HIV/AIDS response in Region 6
  • Guyana heading towards dictatorship, says Jagdeo
  • Woman perishes in fire at Enterprise, ECD
  • Region 6 businessmen given tour of CJIA expansion project
  • Destroying…
  • High schools to get Cadet Corps
  • “Replace Dr Roopnaraine now” – Gaskin
  • Prolegomena for Constitutional Design
Guayana TimesGuayana
  • GTT accused of stealing another phone company logo concept and colour theme
  • Over 300 injections were given to my son in 10 days before he was medically murdered, says grieving mom
  • I did not kill her, says man who allegedly murdered teen, after making his first court appearance
  • High-noon thief given a sound thrashing, after breaking into vendor’s home
  • Assistant Commissioner Hicken and Crime Chief Blanhum were not promoted – PSC Source
  • Three shocking secrets that women don’t really know about men
  • Decomposed body of unidentified male found, foul play suspected
  • We were hungry, so we came over to Guyana for food, – says Venezuelan soldiers
  • Police confirmed that murder suspect Ryan Singh was captured in Suriname, not at Springlands
  • ‘Penis in mouth’ murder accused captured, after visiting hospital to treat stab wound
Demerara WavesGuayana
  • Granger assassination plot inquiry: Lawyers differ over Police Commissioner Persaud’s involvement while on leave
  • Mining syndicate protests not politically motivated; land allocations being fast-tracked- Raphael Trotman
  • City Council postpones deciding on parking meters’ future; SCS refused to disclose key financial information
  • Constitutionality of Pres. Granger’s directive to the Police Service Commission challenged in Court
  • AFC’s Ramjattan doubts mining syndicate protests part of campaign to undercut Raphael Trotman
  • Guyana can use decade-old National Development Strategy as “skeleton” for new action plan
  • Elderly murder accused allegedly stabs prison officer; prohibited items found at Camp Street jail
  • CANU setting up Berbice branch as part of drug trade crackdown
  • Granger defends decision to put brake on police promotions
  • Illegal aircraft found in Guyana changed ownership recently
  • Guyana officially submits EITI application
  • Pre-qualification of contractors for new Demerara River Bridge
  • Hinterland communities advised to engage in more self-help
  • Global best practices for Property assessments
  • ‘Ensure that every resident is treated equally’ – Minister Norton tells Corriverton councillors at sensitisation session
  • Minister Harmon receives courtesy call from Redeemed Christian Church of God
  • Local mineral testing facility ‘fantastic’ for mining sector-Min Broomes
  • Government not to be blamed for the slow progress of Gender Equality, British High Commissioner -Will of the people needed for progress
  • Minister Hastings-Williams keen to prove herself in new MoTP position
  • More emphasis will be placed on Guyana’s Prison Service- British High Commissioner

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