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Neu laden Spenden facebook twitter mail
New York TimesUSA
  • Congressional Memo: Five Key Questions as a Government Shutdown Looms
  • Obama Steps Back Into Public Life, Trying to Avoid One Word: Trump
  • On Washington: Republicans Agree on No Shutdown, but Not on How to Avoid One
  • ‘Dreamers’ Are Not Target of Immigrant Crackdown, Cabinet Officials Say
  • Trump Says He Will Hold Rally While Skipping Correspondents’ Dinner
  • Trump Reaches Beyond West Wing for Counsel
  • Comey Tried to Shield the F.B.I. From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election.
  • Trump Calls @AstroPeggy at the International Space Station
  • New Orleans Begins Removing Confederate Monuments, Under Police Guard
  • Bill de Blasio Turns Trump Administration Gibe Into Campaign Fuel
  • France urged to reject Le Pen in presidential vote runoff
  • Voters go to polls in French election
  • Why you should care about the French election
  • Macron: Who is the novice centrist with no established party?
  • Opinion: Le Pen is a nightmare for the EU
  • USS Carl Vinson begins drills with Japanese destroyers
  • Taliban 'started firing at anyone who came in front of them,' soldier says
  • Opinion: What the world needs to do about Venezuela
  • Venezuela demands Colombia return 3 military deserters
  • 4 times in 4 days: Russian military aircraft fly off US coast
    • U.S. announces new Syrian sanctions
    • Trump says U.N. must be ready to impose new sanctions on North Korea
    • U.S. says N. Korea trying to flex muscle with American detainee
    • USS Vinson nears Korean Peninsula
    • Transcript of AP interview with Trump
    • Polls show Trump's approval at new low as 100-day mark looms
    • John Kasich on whether he'll run for elected office again
    • Ohio Gov. John Kasich on "Two Paths," 2016 race and unity
    • Eye Opener at 8: American detained in North Korea
    • Mike Pence cuts short his stop in Hawaii to deal with domestic issues
  • Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway
  • The Iran deal: The full picture
  • Republicans sound alarm on Trump's troubles ahead of 2018
  • Playbook Power List: The New Guard
  • Why Paul Wolfowitz Is Optimistic About Trump
  • Paul Wolfowitz: The Full Transcript
  • Trump disses the United Nations as an ‘underperformer’
  • Conservative students file suit against U.C. Berkeley over Coulter event
  • Spicer: White House isn't setting 'artificial deadline' for Obamacare repeal bill
  • Treasury targets Syrian science officials with sanctions
  • Rewriting the Rulebook: Trump's Chaotic First 100 Days
  • In Their Own Words: Experts on Donald Trump's Presidency
  • 73% Back Independent Probe of Russian Election Interference: Poll
  • Trump Is Holding His Base — but He's Losing Nearly Everyone Else
  • Countdown to Shutdown: Trump, Congress on Collision Course
  • Treasury Targets Assad Regime Scientists with New Sanctions
  • French Voters Told to Shun Far-Right Le Pen After Upset
  • 'Happy Days' Star Erin Moran Likely Died From Cancer: Autopsy
  • Kidnap Suspect's Sister: 'He's Done This Horrible Thing'
  • Judge Orders Release of Aaron Hernandez Suicide Notes
  • Ailes Accuser Says Fox News Execs Ordered Eavesdropping On Her Digital Devices
  • For Drone Pilots, Warfare May Be Remote But The Trauma Is Real
  • We're All Tired. But When Could Fatigue Mean a Medical Problem?
  • Obama Returns To Public Stage, Encouraging Next Generation To 'Take Up The Baton'
  • Top Afghan Defense Officials Resign After Attack Kills More Than 100 Troops
  • Arkansas Prepares For First Double Execution In U.S. Since 2000
  • Road Warrior, Not So Fast: 12-Year-Old Australian Drives 800 Miles Solo
  • Astronaut Peggy Whitson Sets New NASA Record For Most Days In Space
  • North Korea Threatens To Sink U.S. Carrier; China Urges Restraint
  • Beyond Sexual Harassment, Lesser Known Scandals Could Cost The Murdochs A $14B Deal
  • ANALYSIS: How Trump accomplished so little yet so much in first 100 days
  • Trump to sign executive orders on offshore drilling, Veterans Affairs this week
  • What to expect for President Trump's last week of his first 100 days
  • US sanctions 271 Syrian government workers after chemical attack
  • Dallas police say building safe after active shooter scare
  • New Orleans takes down white supremacist monument
  • Aaron Hernandez's loved ones attend private funeral, suicide notes released to family
  • Haley tells N. Korea, 'We don’t want war, so don't start one'
  • US general in Afghanistan suggests Russia arming the Taliban
  • Passenger in latest viral airline video has a lawyer
  • This poet explores the high-flying realms of space — but also the earthly problems of growing up poor
  • Trump pushes border wall, setting up dispute with Dems, possible government shutdown
  • Trump calls astronaut Peggy Whitson, as she clinches U.S. record for most time in space
  • Supreme Court turns away General Motors appeal over faulty ignition switches
  • U.N. ambassador to North Korea: Don’t give U.S. a reason to attack
  • WATCH LIVE: Obama delivers first speech since leaving office
  • U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis in Afghanistan to discuss war needs
  • Macron, Le Pen head to runoff for French presidency
  • Venezuelan protesters demand new elections
  • Stitch by stitch, a brief history of knitting and activism
Los Angeles TimesUSA
  • Pasadena police release sketch of man wanted in three homicides
  • Top Afghan defense officials resign after Taliban attack that killed more than 100 soldiers
  • Angels mailbag: Where to go from here?
  • International Criminal Court filing accuses Philippines' Duterte of carrying out 'national bloodbath'
  • Varsity Times Insider: The latest sports news from Southern California's high school teams.
Time Magazine USA
  • Review: ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ Is a Powerful Elegiac Mystery
  • Most Americans Oppose President Trump’s Border Wall
  • The ‘Trump Effect’ Was Supposed to Transform Europe. It Hasn’t.
  • President Trump Declines to Call Killing of Armenians a Genocide
  • U.S. Issues 271 Sanctions Over Bashar Assad’s Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons
  • Why Cinnamon Is Insanely Good for You
  • 6 Tips to Reduce Your Daily Stress and Anxiety
  • French Politicians Urge Voters to Reject Marine Le Pen: ‘It Is Not Possible to Remain Silent’
  • Barack Obama to Young Leaders: It’s Time to ‘Take Up the Baton’
  • Game of Thrones Star Lena Headey Speaks Out Against Refugee Crisis: ‘It’s Not a “Problem,” It’s People’
Washington PostUSA
  • Trump aides struggle to clarify policy on ‘dreamers’ and deportation
  • Senate expected to confirm Perdue as agriculture secretary
  • Trump's first 100 days: How have feds and their agencies fared?
  • Trump's first 100 days according to the group that matters most: Many people
  • Stephen K. Bannon, performance artist?
  • Trump says his base 'really wants' a border wall. Polls show most Americans don't.
  • Democrats' self-inflicted abortion problem
  • Sotomayor sees ’disturbing trend’ of unequal treatment regarding police, alleged victims
  • The disrupter president and the do-little Congress
  • Spicer defends administration's progress
  • GM appeal of ignition switch ruling rejected by high court
  • US general in Afghanistan suggests Russia arming the Taliban
  • Nearing 100 days, Trump says his presidency is 'different'
  • Trump administration sanctions 271 in Syrian chemical attack
  • US Treasury secretary: Tax cuts won't raise budget deficit
  • Democrats Are Winning the First Round of the 2018 Fight
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces Universal Pre-K Expansion to Include 3-Year-Olds
  • Trump Is Writing Fake Executive Orders Because He Doesn’t Know How to Be President
  • There Could Be a Ton of Drama in Washington This Week
  • Conservative Pundit Claims Hannity Invited Her Back to His Hotel Once, But Says It Wasn’t Sexual Harassment
  • North Korea Vows to Destroy U.S. Carrier, China Urges Restraint
  • Secretary of Defense Mattis Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan After Deadly Taliban Rampage on Afghan Military Base
  • Brooklyn D.A. Will Try to Prevent Immigrants From Being Deported for Minor Crimes
  • What Pundits Are Saying About the Next Phase of the French Election
  • What Would It Be Like If Ted Cruz Had Become President?
    • Trump Calls US Astronaut Who Broke Record for Time in Space
    • Exec: Facebook Is Not 'Arbiter of the Truth' Amid Fake News Criticism
    • Anti-Defamation League: Anti-Semitic Incidents on The Rise in US
    • Politico: Obama Admin. Released Iranians Considered Threats to US
    • Republicans in Position to Reshape Federal Bench
    • Nikki Haley to North Korea: 'Don't Give Us a Reason' to Fight
    • Alibaba's Jack Ma: Decades of Pain Ahead as Internet Disrupts Old Economy
    • UK's Theresa May Prepared to Use Nuclear Weapons as 'First Strike'
    • Israel Indicts Hacker Linked to Threats on US Jewish Centers
    • Report: No Full-Time Staffer for Senate Probe Into Russian Election Meddling
Seattle TimesUSA
    • Tractor-trailer hauling ads crashes on highway, catches fire
    • Study: Man-made extreme weather has hit all over the world
    • US Holocaust Museum opens conservation and research center
    • Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor back at Seahawks’ facility Monday
    • Researchers find unique US Declaration of Independence copy
    • Couple charged with assault in shooting, melee during UW speech by Milo Yiannopoulos
    • Husband: Wife’s fatal stabbing near Paris was random attack
    • Seattle city employees should be excused from work on May Day, Sawant says
    • Could durability concerns cause UW’s John Ross to slide in NFL draft?
    • Wolf pup born in Missouri offers hope for endangered breed
Headline & Global newsUSA
  • ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abi Moves Alone, Gabi Clashes With Deimos, Xander Troubles Nicole And Steve Bonds With Tripp
  • ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: HBO Releases Photos; Analysts And Fans Swing Into Speculation [TRAILER]
  • ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Chloe Shocks Billy & Kevin And Scott Has A Big Secret
  • ‘The X-Files’ Revival: Fox Announces Series To Return As 10-Epiosde Installment In 2017-18 Season
  • ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Meets Julian, Sonny Traps Jax, Liz Unites With Jason And Sam Grills Alexis
  • ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad Picks Abi, Kate Mansi Joins Cast Members, Jennifer Worries & Julie Fakes Heart Attack
  • Julia Roberts Crowned World’s Most Beautiful Woman: ‘Pretty Woman’ Comes A Long Way In Hollywood
  • 'Avengers: Infinity War' Updates: Chris Evans Shares Truth Behind 'Captain America' Exit [Report]
  • Angelina Jolie Finally Nabs LA $25M Estate Near Brad Pitt's Home [Report]
  • Taylor Swift Recounts Sweet Story About Ed Sheeran [Report]
  • What did Trump tweet in his first 100 days?
  • As executions loom, Supreme Court splits on mental health claims
  • This is the 'flying car' backed by Google's co-founder
  • North Korea could mark military birthday with nuke, missile test
  • Is Trump about to take away your 401(k)'s biggest tax break?
  • Autopsy: 'Happy Days' actress Erin Moran likely died of cancer
  • Report: Jabrill Peppers had diluted urine sample at NFL scouting combine
  • 'I picked up daddy's hand, and it just fell,' said 3-year-old after he found murdered father
  • Judge orders Aaron Hernandez suicide notes be released to family before burial
  • Trump sanctions Syria, says United Nations needs to do more
Wall Street JournalUSA
  • Teva Bids for Mylan, Seeking to Create Biggest Generics Firm
  • Credit Suisse Profit Rises
  • Traders Wield Social Media
  • Migrants' Trip Takes a Tragic Turn
  • Norway Steams Up Investors in Pipeline
  • Behind Ginni Rometty's Plan to Reboot IBM
  • Limited Fallout From Greek Bond Slump
  • Primark Grapples With Impact of Weaker Euro
  • Peugeot to Boost Production
  • Fortunes of Kering Brands Diverge
San Francisco ChronicleUSA
  • Researchers find unique US Declaration of Independence copy
  • The Latest: Israeli president denounces Le Pen's comments
  • International court unseals warrant against Libyan suspect
  • US general in Afghanistan suggests Russia arming the Taliban
  • Airstrike kills 8 family members in northern Syria
  • Macron vs. Le Pen: Opposing styles and visions for France
  • France's steely Le Pen gets far-right in presidential runoff
  • In Mexico, fears a new plant will kill wastewater farming
  • Guatemalan land activist wins prestigious Goldman prize
  • Analysis: A Le Pen wins more acceptance than ever in France
New York PostUSA
  • Michigan officer aims a loaded gun at 5 unarmed kids
  • Page Six deputy editor Ian Mohr welcomes baby girl
  • Is the breast milk-only mandate putting babies in danger?
  • Another baby found dead in bed
  • Rejecting new voices at the Times, celebrity mental-health misdirection & other comments
  • Daughter of fallen firefighter goes through hero dad’s locker
  • If you can’t stop eating junk food, blame your DNA
  • Michigan star’s drug doubts could shake up NFL Draft
  • Ben Affleck doesn’t want his kids to be child stars
  • Nikki Haley isn’t ruling out a US strike against North Korea
New York Daily NewsUSA
    • Woman says United employee forced her from seat in new $150G suit
    • Roger Ailes set up Andrea Tantaros harassment campaign: suit
    • ‘Happy Days’ star Erin Moran likely died from stage 4 cancer
    • KING: Cops who held 5 innocent black boys at gunpoint caused harm
    • Trump won’t fire Spicer because he ‘gets great ratings’: report
    • Nebraska boy dies after car window closes on his neck
    • Two reported wounded after shooting at Dallas office building
    • Rihanna's photoshopped pis of Queen Elizabeth causes firestorm
    • Neighbor recalls horror of Queens Village blaze that killed five
    • Woman claims photo of dying man on cigarette pack is her father
Chicago TribuneUSA
  • Publican Quality Meats kicks off 6th annual Burger Night series
  • Northwestern suspends SAE fraternity, orders house on Evanston campus vacated
  • Obama lifts lid on post-presidency career with civic engagement forum at U. of C.
  • Lawyer: Too late for 'sorry' — man dragged from United flight plans to sue
  • Glass falls from building on North Michigan Avenue
  • Blackhawks fire assistant coach Mike Kitchen
  • Trump breaks bread with UN dignitaries he sought to starve
  • The radical centrism of Emmanuel Macron
  • Could playing chicken with North Korea pay off?
  • Airstrike kills 8 family members in northern Syria
Houston ChronicleUSA
  • Cold case: A 41-year-old mystery finally has an answer
  • Teen accused of gunning down pregnant ex-girlfriend held on high bail
  • 50 years ago this week Muhammad Ali refused the draft in Houston
  • Houston boat repairman sentenced for bomb plot he revealed during online purchase
  • Captivating drone video shows sharks carving through massive fish swarm
  • Here's how Americans have protested the president through the years
  • Clever signs from the March for Science
  • HCC vocational nursing program blocked from enrolling new students
  • Video: Florida teacher tells trooper 'I feel like kissing you' before DUI arrest
  • Rice University grad Peggy Whitson breaks NASA astronaut record for most days in space
West Hawaii TodayUSA
  • 2017 Big-Fish List update
  • Island Life: 4-24-17
  • Doctor’s arrest brings attention to US female circumcisions
  • Trump heads into tough week with budget, health care battles
  • Tight, tense French presidential vote echoes around world
  • The Brexit saga takes a twist with a snap election
  • Sessions’ island of reaction
  • Letters to the Editor: 4-24-17
  • About Town: 4-24-17
  • 54th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival Hula Competition winners announced
Philadeplphia InquirerUSA
    • Insults and accusations fly before election for new GOP leader
    • New Jersey airman struck, killed by New York City subway train
    • Four dead and teen critical after violent 30 hours in Philly
    • Mayor questions police resources used in pot party bust; L&I to issue citations
    • Ducks blamed with causing two-car crash in Pa.
    • The ultimate guide to 3 wild days of Philly sports
    • Kenney: Pa. should legalize marijuana like Colorado
    • Berks detention center for immigrant mothers and children wins licensing appeal
    • Lost Indian city rediscovered
    • Watch: Why Philly rides the El, at every stop on the Market-Frankford line (video)
Star TribuneUSA
  • Mayor Hodges says she was victim of childhood sex abuse
  • Authorities ID driver killed when he struck tree in St. Paul during pursuit
  • Boater missing since late-night mishap on St. Croix River turns up alive
  • More Minneapolis DFL delegate challenges filed in Ninth Ward
  • Anti-Semitic incidents in U.S. skyrocketed 86% this year, report finds
  • Minnesota university student from Nepal drowns in SD state park
  • Homepage More Headlines
  • After Wild loss to Blues, a question: When does playoff misery end?
  • Could brine be the solution to Minnesota's road salt problem?
  • Favorite schools, most-picked positions and other Vikings draft trends
  • Dow rises 200 points, Nasdaq hits all-time high as stocks skyrocket after French election
  • This smart crib helps put your baby to sleep
  • 'Honeymoon period' coming for stocks with big overseas earnings thanks to weakening dollar
  • Samsung says Galaxy S8 launch is best ever, outpacing Galaxy S7 by 30 percent
  • As the Nasdaq closes in on 6K, it has Apple, Microsoft and the 'big five' tech stocks to thank
  • This Android smartphone has a well-deserved cult following – at half the price of the Galaxy S8
  • Entire US Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing
  • Treasury hits 271 people in 'one of largest sanctions actions' ever following Syria attacks
  • Fresenius nears deal to acquire Akorn
  • North Korea reportedly detains US citizen amid rising tensions
Foxnews USA
  • Post-ISIS, Iraqis debate US troops remaining in their country
  • Trump administration sanctions 271 in Syrian chemical attack
  • Entire Senate being called to White House for North Korea briefing
  • Trump recalls killing of Armenians, doesn't call it genocide
  • Trump prepares executive order spree in dash to 100-day mark
  • Heather Nauert appointed as State Department spokesperson
  • Trump, Sessions press case for border wall amid budget fight
  • Congress wants answers as disabled vets' caregivers say VA stripping benefits
  • Texas Dem fasts to protest sanctuary cities crackdown
  • Trump's first 100 days: Supporters see a plan taking shape
Voice of America USA
  • US-China to Launch 4 Rounds of Talks, as Trump 'Looks Forward' to Beijing Visit
  • Turkish Referendum Result Sparks Peace Process Speculation
  • France's Final Round: Change, But How Much?
  • US Sanctions Syrian Officials Over Gas Attack
  • Will US Government Shut Down on Trump's 100th Day in Office?
  • Millions of Children in Restive Pakistani Province Lack Access to Education
  • Somalia Executes 4 Linked to 2016 Baidoa Blasts
  • Top US Military Officials 'Not Refuting' Russia Arming Afghan Taliban
  • Internet Access More Important than Laundry Facilities for Apartment Dwellers
San Jose Mercury News USA
  • SFO flight delays, cancellations could continue as airport revamps runway
  • Former California beauty queen pleads guilty to child porn
  • Discover Bend’s ‘ale trail’ here at home
  • W. Kamau Bell shares ‘awkward’ thoughts in his first book
  • Kevin Durant, Shaun Livingston, Matt Barnes remain questionable for Game 3
  • Sharks’ Joe Thornton played with a torn ACL, MCL
  • Passengers on Dublin-bound train robbed by dozens of youths at Oakland BART
  • Groundhog Day meets Mr. Bill in burning of the Böögg
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise says former Arconic CEO left its board
  • Just how unaffordable is Oakland and San Jose for teachers? A new report crunches the numbers
Chicago suntimesUSA
  • SAE suspended from two Chicago area universities in five weeks
  • Photos: Obama returns to Chicago
  • Police: Robbers target customers at Humboldt Park auto shops
  • Supreme Court lets stand ruling favoring ride-hailing services
  • Man shot in Humboldt Park
  • Improvements planned for Cottage Grove station on CTA Green Line
  • Obama returns to University of Chicago for forum
  • Trump calls astronaut who broke U.S. record for time in space
  • 67-year-old man dies after being struck by vehicle in Harvey
  • Arkansas prepares for 1st double execution in US since 2000
Denver PostUSA
  • Lawsuit claims Colorado’s Amendment 71 — “Raise the Bar” — violates “one man, one vote”
  • Former CU runner Laura Thweatt “on top of the world” after finishing as top American at London Marathon
  • Study finds Samsung’s S8 phones more prone to screen cracks
  • Cleveland Browns’ franchise quarterback quest may take them to NFL draft
  • Board game Toilet Trouble helps Hasbro tops rival Mattel in revenue first time in 17 years.
  • Denver Broncos 2017 NFL draft primer and history guide
  • Colorado Supreme Court affirms conviction of woman who killed two in DUI crash near DIA
  • DeMarcus Ware signs ceremonial contract with Dallas to retire a Cowboy
  • Construction defects homeowner consent bill breezes through Colorado House
  • Colorado lawmakers spike effort to extend bar hours
Newsday USA

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Miami Herald USA
  • Need a passport? That’s a problem in Miami because the office is shut down
  • Fentanyl, other drugs missing from Miami VA medical center, four others in Florida
  • Amid Venezuela unrest, experts worry that criminals will acquire military’s weapons
  • Stalemate in the Florida Capitol as budget talks collapse
  • Flurry of gunfire over weekend ends 4 lives, injures 7 in four separate shootings
  • Lawmakers’ weekend homework produces omnibus education bill, including testing reform
  • Vote for the People's Pick: 2017 Business Plan Challenge finalists
  • Tennis legend suspended after alleged racist comment about Serena’s unborn baby
  • Miami Dolphins will have linebacker options
  • UM’s Mark Richt ‘dang sure’ ready to learn what QB N’Kosi Perry can do
El Nuevo HeraldUSA
  • Condenan a venezolano a 38 meses en prisión por intento de tráfico de armas desde EEUU
  • ¿Necesita un pasaporte? Cierre inesperado de oficina en Miami ocasionará retrasos
  • Haley no descarta ataque a Norcorea por pruebas nucleares
  • Oposición venezolana presiona al gobierno de Maduro con ‘plantón’ en las calles
  • Campeón considera que la inteligencia lo hace sobresalir entre todos los boxeadores cubanos
  • 100 días de Trump: sacude Washington, abundan las sorpresas
  • Las zonas más caras y más baratas para vivir en el sur de la Florida
  • Con el Plan Zamora, las armas venezolanas podrían caer en manos de terroristas
  • Incendio destruye un bote en una marina de Miami Beach
  • Los cien días de Trump
Boston Globe USA
  • James helps Cavs hold off Pacers, earn sweep into 2nd round
  • College student killed during hammer throw at track meet
  • Watch Mookie Betts and Hanley Ramirez hit back-to-back homers
  • Rockets' Beverley fined $25,000 for confronting fan
  • Rajon Rondo fined $25,000 for trying to trip Jae Crowder
  • Terry Francona celebrated his 58th birthday with a very dark joke
  • Do you believe the Bruins or Celtics advance out of the first round?
  • Gronk parties with Waka Flocka Flame via FaceTime 'rager'
  • Seth Moulton is bringing fellow House Democrats to Boston
  • 25 years later, the fallout from a Boston murder remains
New Jersey Local News USA
  • Truck driver hit in ex-cop's fatal wrong-way crash recounts moment of impact
  • Driver accused of ODing, crashing car with kid aboard is 17-year-old girl
  • Cop charged with sexually assaulting 2 teens to be released from jail
  • N.J. man identified in fatal crash involving state trooper
  • Airman from N.J. base struck, killed by NYC subway train
  • Man peeked at woman in bathroom stall at Princeton bar, cops say
  • No more stalls in ex-Edison cop firebombing case, judge says
  • N.J. man admits to diesel fuel theft scheme, torching mini-bus in coverup
  • Christie budget would strain N.J. schools and local governments, rating agency says
  • Cop saves heroin overdose victim found in truck with engine running
Baltimore Sun USA
  • Spring breaks next year will shrink to comply with Hogan Labor Day order
  • Maryland cancels afternoon classes after 5-alarm apartment complex fire in College Park
  • FlowerMart to return with more food and drink options, live music and longer hours
  • Mike Preston: Jobs will be on the line if the Ravens don't have a successful draft
  • Congress returns to work days before possible government shutdown
  • Authorities brace for more overdoses after Maryland deaths linked to elephant sedative
  • Hopkins gets $10 million federal grant to continue efforts to control, end malaria
  • Biggest busts in Baltimore sports history
  • Baltimore moves to legalize stun gun possession
  • Nearing 100-day milestone, Trump says his presidency is 'different'
Daily DemocratUSA
  • State moves slowly toward resuming executions
  • 92-year-old dies after struck by car
  • Farmers fear losing immigrant workers
  • Tractors and trains exhibit continues at Ag Museum
  • What's Happening YOLO!
  • Structure fire damages exterior of Woodland home
  • Picnic Day sprouts from themes of "Growing Together" and Earth Day
  • 'Out of the Darkness' Campus Walk planned
  • More trees for 'City of Trees' possible
  • Water-Wise Gardening course offered at community garden
Dallas NewsUSA ist leider nicht erreichbar/is not accessible
Las Vegas SunUSA
  • Man accused of fatally stabbing girlfriend is probation officer
  • Dallas police say building safe after active shooter scare
  • Officials: 'Happy Days' star Erin Moran likely died from cancer
  • Jail inmate found unresponsive in cell dies at hospital
  • Elevator motor to blame for smoke at Strip casino
  • Two convicted in standoff near Bundy ranch; jury deliberating on 4 others
  • Fire displaces 4 people, does $75,000 in damage
  • Court date reset for man accused of random knife attacks
  • Sean Hannity calls sexual harassment accusation '100 percent false'
  • Elon Musk steps out in Australia with Amber Heard
Juneau EmpireUSA
  • Man critically injured in stabbing out Thane Road
  • Tribal Assembly honors Haida culture icon Churchill
  • Where can a chronic inebriate sleep?
  • Legislature to help families of slain police, firefighters
  • Juneau turns out for March for Science
  • ‘He belongs to Alaska’: Adventurer, wilderness conservationist Ken Leghorn dies at 62
  • Tribal Assembly begins, promotes Native Alaskan unity
  • Gov. Walker proposes summit to help lawmakers fix budget
  • City considering cutting City Museum to balance budget
  • Alaska House votes to lower Permanent Fund Dividend
Alaska Dispatch NewsUSA
  • Forget the critics, Mr. President - your first 100 days have been just fine
  • A teenager on a Gambell whaling crew scored the village's second successful strike of the season
  • Summer at Graveyard: In a seemingly abandoned place, a new economic model emerges and a family adapts
  • 5 key questions as a government shutdown looms
  • Cook Inlet gas leak shows why Alaska LNG route must end in Valdez, group says
  • Trump gets on the phone to Asia as another North Korea flashpoint looms
  • The curious popularity of a water pipe on the Seward Highway
  • In Savoonga, two celebrations of Alaska village life
  • A 10-year-old Virginia girl missing a hand wanted to play violin. Now she can.
  • Explorer plans first test of fracking potential in North Slope shale
National Post Canada
  • Judge warns treasure hunter he must reveal location of 500 missing gold coins or face contempt-of-court
  • ‘Prince can burn Paisley Park down, but I can’t’: The first thing Prince’s archivist did was get rid of all the candles
  • ‘What does the fox say?’ Ancient temple carvings hint at a massive meteor strike 13,000 years ago
  • Chris Selley: If driving is a privilege, why is it so hard to revoke?
  • Brigitte Macron was Emmanuel’s teacher when he was 15. Now, she’s about to become France’s first lady
  • Chelsea Clinton for president? She’s suddenly everywhere, but denies having White House ambitions
  • When a journalist becomes part of the story: AP photographer covering Kashmir protest helps injured teen
  • Twelve-year-old boy drives almost a third of the way across Australia before police stop him
  • Conservationist, known for the book I Dreamed of Africa, ambushed and shot near home in Kenya: reports
  • Titanic anniversary: Who was on the ship when it sunk … and who got away
The Globe and MailCanada
  • Manitoba families of missing, murdered say hearings must start soon
  • Some Mountie deaths in 2014 Moncton shootings may have been preventable: Crown
  • Montreal couple hid winning $55-million lottery ticket in daughter’s toy box
  • Video: Obama makes first post-presidency appearance
  • Man, woman charged with murder after toddler’s body found near Edmonton church
  • Ontario suit alleges people with developmental disabilities denied services
  • Video: Trump challenges UN Security Council on North Korea
  • UN must ready new North Korea sanctions: Trump
  • Inquest into Indigenous inmate’s death in Saskatoon to proceed after delays
  • One final vote, two starkly different visions of France
CBC CanadaCanada
  • Toddler's father, woman charged with murder after boy's body found near Edmonton church
  • French voters choose change – but what type?
  • Calgary mother hopes photo of dying son will deter others from doing fentanyl
  • Softwood lumber decision Tuesday is Trump's next chance to hammer Canada
  • 6 ways government rule changes take Canadian housing into the great unknown: Don Pittis
  • Some celebrity pads in Los Angeles cheaper than homes in downtown Toronto
  • Why the Canada Revenue Agency is using this simple tactic to get you to pay your taxes
  • Vic Toews to face Canadian Judicial Council review over conflict-of-interest allegations
  • Ontario to test basic income project in 3 communities
  • Forced to lie in urine, crammed into boxes, hit with rocks, ex-soldiers say abuse during training widespread
Radio CanadaCanada
  • Six questions sur une présidentielle historique et le second tour à venir
  • France : Hollande votera Macron et fustige le risque Le Pen
  • Air Canada : 285 passagers bloqués 2 jours au Mexique seront remboursés
  • Montréal est mon premier choix pour l'instant - Alexander Radulov
  • Un syndicat rémunère des employés du NPD de la C.-B.
  • Québec assure l'industrie forestière de son soutien indéfectible
  • Premier test à grande échelle pour un vaccin antipaludique
  • Revenu minimum garanti : l'Ontario lance un projet pilote
  • Le Conseil canadien de la magistrature enquêtera sur le cas de Vic Toews
  • UPAC à Saguenay : le maire Jean Tremblay était aussi visé par l’enquête
Radio CanadaCanada
  • Murder charges laid in death of Edmonton toddler
  • Record number of refugees admitted to Canada in 2016, highest since 1980
  • Medical student's murder trial shown video of initial Halifax police interview
  • Meet the 17 finalists who could become Canada's next astronauts
  • Four-year-old girl falls from moving bus onto busy highway
  • 'Worse than AIDS': Frontline workers race to save lives in opioid crisis
  • Wax worm has an appetite for plastic, researchers discover
  • Edmonton gas station employee dragged in gas-and-dash
  • From millennial to millionaire: 4 investment principles to build wealth now
  • Montreal couple hid winning $55M lottery ticket in daughter's toy box
Le DevoirCanada
  • François Fillon tire sa révérence avant les législatives
  • Après la présidentielle française, quelle majorité pour le vainqueur?
  • À Plattsburg, l’aide aux migrants qui franchissent la frontière canado-américaine s’organise
  • Trois Québécois sur la courte liste des aspirants astronautes
  • Les images d’un peuple interdit
  • Imbattable Valverde
  • Israël se fige en mémoire des victimes juives de la Shoah
  • Les Français de Montréal partagés à l’issue du premier tour
  • Emmanuel Macron affrontera Marine Le Pen au second tour
  • Un vaccin antipaludique prometteur sera testé en Afrique
Le Journal de QuebecCanada
  • «Montréal est mon premier choix» -Alexander Radulov
  • Viol collectif à Victoriaville: la défense a conclu ses plaidoiries
  • SRB : Labeaume prône un peu d’égoïsme
  • Les centres d'éducation aux adultes de plus en plus fréquentés par des étudiants de 19 ans et moins
  • Price, Galchenyuk, Markov; personne ne veut quitter le Canadien
  • Voici ce que sont devenus les ex-candidats de La Voix
  • Aspirants astronautes: trois Québécois toujours sur les rangs
  • Après les routes et les écoles... des hôpitaux et CHSLD en ruine
  • Crosseurs et stupides
  • En 20 ans, voici 20 animateurs qui sont passés par Radio X
La presseCanada
  • Présidence du PQ: Raymond Archambault passe le relais
  • Le Hells Angels Gaétan Brisebois arrêté
  • Le PQ se prépare pour nettoyer l'ardoise avec le DGE
  • Mesures d'austérité: des centres de femmes manifestent
  • Québec a omis de sanctionner Pétrolia, contre l'avis de ses inspecteurs
  • Deux incendies à Montréal
  • Deux députés du Québec débarquent en Alberta pour attaquer Bernier
  • Un «laboratoire vivant» qui veut influencer l'avenir de la médecine
  • Nouvelle croisade contre les hydrocarbures
  • Des taxis multicolores pour Montréal
Le SoleilCanada
  • Chaudière-Appalaches: la CAQ s'inquiète pour les services ambulanciers
  • Sur le radar cette semaine
  • Des Américains mobilisés pour aider les migrants qui franchissent la frontière
  • Les Français de Québec votent en grand nombre
  • Arrêt Jordan: Couillard refuse toujours la dérogation
  • Ottawa veut réduire de 50 % le nombre d'itinérants les plus difficiles à aider
  • Erin O'Toole veut faire suspendre l'arrêt Jordan
  • Des milliards à l'aveugle?
  • Deux bombardiers russes interceptés dans le nord du Canada
  • ALENA: Trudeau garde le cap malgré Trump
Ottawa CitizenCanada
  • Streets reopen after second-alarm blaze lights up Centretown auto shop
  • Science of spring: The only sequoia in Eastern Canada has made it through its fifth winter in Chelsea
  • Chelsea Clinton for president? She’s suddenly everywhere, but denies having White House ambitions
  • Here's how fans celebrated on Sens Mile
  • How a would-be Ottawa pot 'empire' failed to launch
  • ‘Unreasonable’: BlackBerry-maker TCL wants to invest US$300 million in U.S. firm, says Trump slowing approval
  • Capital Facts: The Citizen was ahead of its time
  • Capital Voices: 'I think it was a mistake, and it's not finished'
  • ‘What does the fox say?’ Ancient temple carvings hint at a massive meteor strike 13,000 years ago
  • Second-degree murder charges laid as Maskwacis wake held for toddler found dead outside Edmonton church
Metronews CanadaCanada
  • Main Farmers' Market coming back home
  • Big changes on York Street as pop-up event centre replaces on-street parking this summer
  • Reports: Teenage girl died in fire at group home on Friday
  • Tartan Day draws the kilt-wearing set to Parliament Hill
  • Hope has replaced fear on Jasmine Crescent
  • Retired OC Transpo Route 2 bus immortalized on T-shirts
  • Review board recommends drug plans cover abortion pill
  • Ottawa scientists will rally in support of American counterparts
  • Five things to do this Earth Day weekend in Ottawa, April 22-23
  • Ottawa police committed to securing Bank Street abortion clinic: Chief
Toronto StarCanada
  • U.S. military officials suggest Russia has been arming Taliban in Afghanistan
  • Toronto police seek help solving slaying of cabbie who tried to stop armed robbery in 2003
  • Afghan army chief, defence minister resign after Taliban attack
  • Ontario launches basic income pilot for 4,000 in Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Lindsay
  • U.S. ambassador to UN warns North Korea about attacking American base or testing ICBM
  • Rare handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence found — in England
  • Venezuelans shut down roads and highways in government protests
  • Obama makes first post-presidency appearance, trying to avoid the topic of Trump
  • Australian police catch a 12-year-old driving alone in the middle of the outback. He was 1,300 km into a 4,100-km trip
  • Halifax schools look to follow Toronto in acknowledging aboriginal territory in morning announcements
Calgary Herald Canada
  • UPDATED: Medical evidence helps police rule three-month-old boy's death a homicide
  • Calgary MP backs Erin O'Toole as Conservative leadership vote nears
  • Rashidi was 'trying to right a wrong' when she was run over by gas thief: Crown
  • Notley says Canada will have lots of allies if Trump seeks oil sanctions
  • Driver killed in rollover near Okotoks
  • Alberta continues to fall short of long-standing immunization targets
  • Tourism in Calgary takes $100 million tumble
  • Travelling the rails at Supertrain 2017
  • Nelson: City's residential parking plans no April Fool's joke
  • Varcoe: More oil, more bottlenecks, as Canada faces more crude to move by rail
24heures Canada
  • «Montréal est mon premier choix» -Alexander Radulov
  • Armes chimiques: Washington sanctionne 271 scientifiques syriens
  • Crosseurs et stupides
  • Contributions non conformes: le PQ rembourse 130 000 $ au DGEQ
  • Le niveau de plusieurs rivières diminue, mais d’autres inquiètent
  • 4/24/2017: News: PERFECT PITCH
  • 4/24/2017: News: MLB The Show Cheat Sheet
  • 4/24/2017: News: GUILTY AS CHARGED!
  • 4/24/2017: News: Canadians added to most-wanted terrorist list
  • 4/24/2017: Entertainment: DANCEFLOOR COMEBACK
  • NHL playoffs down to two Canadian teams to end Stanley Cup drought
  • Not easy being Green with loads of contradictions
  • DWTS: Return of Mad Maks
  • Summer movie preview 2017: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2’, ‘Alien: Covenant’, ‘Wonder Woman’ and 14 other films we can’t wait to see
  • GOVANI: Is Emmy Nicole Kidman's to lose?
Edmonton Journal Canada
  • AMBER ALERT: RCMP say father of missing girl found dead in Blairmore
  • Residents wonder what's next as moratorium on social housing to expire
  • Three Edmonton taxi companies launch new anti-Uber lawsuit
  • Driving: How electric highways could save EVs
  • City could see public-sector job losses
  • Eskimos' win enables fan to clear 24,576 beer debt
  • Appeal court upholds acquittal in case of Good Samaritan killed on Edmonton roadside
  • Gary Lamphier: Billions of dollars lost because of skills gap in Canada
  • 'I want to be my own hero': Former Edmonton soldier fights back against domestic violence
  • Hot, dry summer fuels grizzly attacks in B.C.
The Province Canada
  • Advocates call for minority judges as figures show 'judiciary of whiteness'
  • Demand for driver’s licences decreasing among B.C.’s young people
  • Vancouver's proposal to tax vacant homes being taken seriously, province vows
  • Smyth: Clark, Horgan face political showdown over $15 minimum wage
  • Eleven Zika cases confirmed in B.C., including four pregnant women
  • Charges laid against half-brother in 2013 homicide of Mission teen
  • Ex-wife of Hells Angels member loses security clearance, feels punished ‘for the actions of someone else’
  • Revised Grandview-Woodland density plan calms revolt, but still contains flash points
  • Chinese bank files suit in B.C. over unpaid $10-million loan
  • U.S. gun-rights proponent shoots her two daughters dead before being killed by police
Winnipeg Free Press Canada
  • Toews remains a judge while judicial council judges his conduct
  • They're not kidding: goats add to yoga experience in Anola
  • Man, woman charged with murder after toddler's body found near Edmonton church
  • Adults, youths face weapons charges after St. James parking lot brawl
  • Former Tory MLA new chair at Liquor and Gaming
  • Border agency downplays danger
  • Early morning high-rise fire sends one to hospital
  • Phone calls too costly for many inmates: critics
  • Taking a scan of the facts rules out diagnosis of guilt
  • Author brings readers to the real North End
Windsorstar Canada
  • Harley rider dies from injuries suffered in Kingsville crash
  • Man suspected of multiple Windsor-Essex pharmacy robberies arrested in Calgary
  • Run for Rocky raises $104K this year
  • Windsor police seek violent robber
  • Chatham native is one of 17 finalists for Canadian astronaut job
  • Crime Stoppers collects $55,000 worth of narcotics on Take Back Your Drugs day
  • Diving Canada touts Windsor as perfect event host
  • Firefighters battle blaze at LaSalle home
  • Earth Day time to show off battery-run vehicles, latest green technology
  • Local family honours 12-year-old son with blood donor day

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